1xBet: From Humble Beginnings to Global Marketing Mastery

1xBet: From Humble Beginnings to Global Marketing Mastery

1xBet strikes a chord with punters not only with its gambling features but also with its promotional and advertising campaigns. We invite you to join our exploration of the bookmaker’s marketing strategy to discover why its creativity is second to none. 

The Rise of 1xBet

The Rise of 1xBet

If you’re heavily into gambling, you know for a fact how to register on 1xBet in Kenya. Today, the betting brand is a household name even for those who have never placed a bet in their lives. But how did the company get to the top? Was this rise rapid?

Let’s take a look back in history. 

A Brief History of 1xBet

The business came into existence in 2007 as a chain of betting shops along with a website. The firm was a classic sportsbook accepting wagers on various events. The game-changer was the founders’ decision to devote energies to growing their business online.

In addition to polishing the site, the company introduced mobile products that made gambling accessible and up-to-date. Bettors could credit their game balance, place stakes, and collect their winnings rapidly, securely, and from any convenient location. 

The bookie picked up steam by implementing payment methods and other features thick and fast. The entertainment assortment grew and diversified as well. Apart from versatile sports betting options, the platform users could engage in wagering activities such as:

  • casino games;
  • virtual events;
  • cybersports;
  • in-play bets;
  • Toto jackpots;
  • online lotteries.

The bookmaker’s incentive system became its strong suit. Players appreciated that they could take part in multiple promotions and earn extra perks. Thus, the company established a springboard for worldwide expansion in just a few years.

Growth and Global Expansion

The global brand rollout occurred in a fairly short time. Obtaining an international Curaçao gaming license allowed the business to enter numerous markets freely. The platform’s localization into dozens of languages let punters feel at home wherever they played from.

The bookmaker was welcomed with open arms everywhere as it keenly focused on regional peculiarities and skillfully adapted its functionality and offerings to them. 1xBet enabled local players to use only the options they are most familiar and comfortable with.

The online venue soon became a place of attraction for millions of gamblers from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and other areas. The business has obtained a number of national licenses to operate legally and in full compliance with local legislation.

The bookie has won the respect and trust of customers by providing a safe and alluring gaming environment. However, its credibility was boosted by deals and cooperation with renowned sports organizations. Here are just a few of them:

  • The Confederation of African Football (CAF);
  • Paris Saint-Germain (PSG);
  • FC Barcelona;
  • the Professional Fighters League (PFL);
  • the Indian Super League (ISL);
  • LOSC Lille.

Arrival in Kenya

Kenyan punters were first able to join the large and friendly 1xBet community a few years ago. They were immediately carried away by the enormous amount of betting activities and markets, above-average odds, and mouth-watering bonuses.

The region’s bettors got access to 24-hour live wagers and top-notch video streams. They got acquainted with casino games designed by the most cutting-edge software vendors. Betting turned easy and clear because of the round-the-clock, multi-channel support.

In 2023, Advanced Gaming Limited, the country’s brand owner, renewed its national license. That means the company meets all the necessary standards set by the local regulator—the Betting Control and Licensing Board. So, the great times keep on.

Here’s a quick rundown of the platform, from how to register on 1xBet in Kenya to money withdrawals.  

💻 Site registrationBy phone
📱 App registrationBy phone/ Through social media/ In one click
🖥️ Software rangeDesktop and mobile sites/ Apps for iOS, Android, and Windows
💸 Deposit methodsBank cards/ E-wallets/ Mobile money/ Payment systems/ Crypto
📞 Support channelsHelpline/ E-mail/ Live chat/ WhatsApp/ Online form
✴️ Extra featuresBets via SMS and Telegram
🎁 IncentivesSpecial offers/ Bonus games/ Promo code store
🤝 PartnershipsAffiliate program
💰 Withdrawal methodsCash/ Mobile money/ E-wallets/ Crypto/ Payment systems

1xBet’s Creative Advertising and Promotions

1xBet’s Creative Advertising and Promotions

The successful expansion of 1xBet in Kenya and globally is essentially the result of its outstanding marketing strategy. The bookie’s ads turn heads, and its promos are unmissable.

The company’s promotion specialists harness all possible tools to make the brand grip your attention and get under your skin. Let’s look at how exactly they do it.      

1xBet’s Extravagant Advertising Campaigns

The main goal of any advertisement is to get you hooked. And 1xBet does it perfectly. Let’s take, for instance, the famous video with a big drum. It lasts only 15 seconds, but you have enough time to memorize where the huge winnings, high odds, and fast pay are.

Stories enthrall people. 1xBet has made good use of that by wrapping its advertising in a captivating tale in the “Success Story” commercial. Both gamblers and movie professionals handed it to the bookie for the aesthetic and technical aspects of the one-shot video.

1xBet is well-known for its partnerships with prominent sports clubs. So, it’s not uncommon for the company to attract stellar athletes to participate in its advertising. One of the most striking examples is the “Money Tale” commercial featuring Barcelona players.

The “Success Story” and “Money Tale” videos were part of the bookmaker’s marketing campaign recognized as the best in 2021 by the EGR Nordics Virtual Awards.

The advertising campaigns also featured players from Paris Saint-Germain Football Club that signed a partnership agreement with the betting operator in 2022…

…and Samuel Eto’o, who became the brand ambassador in 2023.

1xBet’s Eye-Catching Promotional Pages Design

The bookmaker takes a creative approach to designing its online gambling platform, especially the promo pages. As you arrive at the home page of the 1xBet website, you can’t help but notice the classy banners with current special offers.

The digital posters made in the brand colors are always vibrant and offbeat. They feature the bookie’s partners and ambassadors, such as FC Barcelona, Eva Elfie, LOSC Lille, and others. You’ll see them all by going to the promo tab.

The ads beckon not only with a bright picture but also with a concise yet telling slogan. You instantly get intrigued and click the button to find out more about the campaign. 1xBet’s banners are an example of modern design that effectively achieves its marketing goal.

The Competition: Other International Bookmakers

The brand promotion strategy employs all available techniques, including celebrity collaborations, perfectly crafted bonus offers, and attention-grabbing commercials. And this approach does work. But how does it look against its competitors?

Let’s compare 1xBet with rival big names in the global gambling industry: 22bet and Cyber.bet.

Neck to Neck

22bet competes with 1xBet both in terms of international reach and marketing. The bookmaker creates catchy promotions and video advertising, frequently bringing out the big guns—sports celebs. 

The covers of 22bet’s promos showcase the official brand ambassadors—Emmanuel Adebayor, a distinguished soccer player, and Brendon McCullum, a cricket master.

Another athlete from the star-studded ambassador team, the iconic footballer Julio Cesar, appeared in a stunning video.

However, the bookmaker attracts not only sports headliners but also other celebrities for its marketing initiatives. One of them is Khaligraph Jones, a Kenyan music legend and award-winning artist. The video starring him is a brilliant piece of creative collaboration.

Losing Battle

Cyber.bet is a global bookmaking business operating worldwide. It provides a whole package of gambling services, including sports and esports betting and casinos, and a host of payment methods. But have you heard much about this operator?

The company isn’t really on the radar, and a crucial reason for that is poor marketing and promotion. The bookie is not known for any notable collaborations, advertising campaigns, or partnerships. The only Cyber.bet videos you may come across are more tutorial-like.

If you go to the betting website and open the bonuses section, the page will hardly please your eyes. The design is messy, old-school, and of low quality. It rather distracts your attention instead of grabbing it. 

The Cost of Creativity

The Cost of Creativity

A marketing budget is often a battleground for businesses. Some consider it a waste of time and money, while others regard it as a promising investment. Both perspectives, however, are not without merit.

A first-rate advertising campaign is costly. Especially if it involves celebrity endorsements. When it comes to commercials, high-quality video production is expensive, and poor-quality one is not worth doing at all.

Even if a bookmaker spends a lot of money and time and creates an excellent promotional product, it may go unnoticed due to stiff competition. Punters are spoiled with tempting offers these days, and bookies have to try hard to lure them in.

What can bookmaking companies do with that? Get creative! The ad may not bring in customers right away, but if it’s interesting, funny, or quirky, i.e., memorable, it will skyrocket brand awareness. And that, in turn, is a powerful sales driver.

If there’s a great betting site like 1xBet behind the creative ads, it will be packed with bettors sooner or later. And that’s when the bookie’s enticing promos, bonuses, and special offers can come into play to help retain customers and make them loyal to the brand.   

So, creativity pays off. But it requires patience and expense, which may be much more than expected.

Challenges and Controversies

Challenges and Controversies

Advertising is a demanding endeavor for a gaming platform. But on top of that, it’s associated with ambiguous public attitudes and potential risks for punters. That said, companies must take measures to ensure their ads are not perceived negatively.   

Ethical Concerns

It’s no secret that gambling is addictive. However, gambling advertising paints everything in bright colors and never mentions pitfalls. That’s a bit of whitewashing. Even if the ad is a film-making masterpiece, it automatically becomes dangerous without any warning.

If bookmakers apply responsible gambling on their platforms, why not also use it in marketing? It would reduce risks, help prevent problems, and positively impact the industry’s reputation. Responsible betting ads could contain the following information:

  • addiction warning;
  • legal age of players;
  • helpdesk contacts.

In addition, gambling commercials may be subject to timing, frequency, and location restrictions. 

Balancing Creativity and Sustainability

Creative ads can increase brand awareness and, as a result, boost betting site traffic. Nevertheless, generating creatives on a regular basis is burdensome. A bookmaking firm will simply collapse if it decides to bombard gamblers with videos featuring world stars.    

It’s the same with promos and bonus offerings. Launching too many campaigns can turn into running at a loss. That’s why analysis and proper planning are instrumental in an efficient marketing strategy.

A winning advertising campaign is a well-defined budget, a properly determined target audience, and a concept that catches on. Once the campaign is over, it needs a thorough analysis to understand what was right, what went wrong, and how to proceed in the future.

It’s critical to draw in new players and retain existing customers through promotional initiatives. But if the efforts lack creativity and benefit, no one will appreciate them.  


Marketing is vital in betting, as in every other industry. If a brand doesn’t have sufficient advertising and promotion, it’s unlikely to succeed. So, what is the ideal bookmaker advertisement? It’s engaging, well-made, and harmless. 1xBet has got all three. 

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